Bronzite Crystal Skull

$80.00 USD
Type: Decor
Bronzite Crystal Skull Carved Mineral Décor
Average Measurements:
Height 2.5", Width 2",Length 3"
Intuitively Selected!

Bronzite is a mineral that is from the Pyroxene group and was first reported back in 1906 by W. Wahl. It's an intermediate mineral between Augite and Enstatite, and both share very similar chemical compositions. Bronzite is most notably found in a deep bronze color and is one of the more beautiful stones when tumbled. Sometimes this stone can be found with tiny Pyrite speckles dotted throughout and can resemble a cat’s eye. This mineral can be found worldwide but is most notably known for its deposits in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Madagascar, Austria, and the USA.

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