Rectangle Faceted Moldavite Ring Tektite Carved Jewelry

$145.00 USD
Type: Ring
Faceted Moldavite Ring Tektite Carved Jewelry
Intuitively Selected Ring!
Facts about Moldavite:
Moldavite is a type of tektite, natural glass formed by the melting and cooling of silica sand or rock ejected into the atmosphere after a meteorite impact. This meteorite is said to have landed over 15 million years ago.
Genuine Moldavite contains trapped gas bubbles and flow structures that are visible under a magnification of 10x and often with the unaided eye. The gas bubbles were formed during the melting and cooling process.
Moldavite is nicknamed “The Stone of Transformation” and is a quite popular tektite. It is believed to be extremely powerful through transformation, spiritual awakening, and an accelerant of personal evolution.
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