Crystal Confetti/ Mystery Scoop - Different Sizes Available

$30.00 USD
Type: Metaphysical

Crystal Confetti/Mystery/ Lucky Scoop

Your scoop may not be the exact weight that you purchase; however, it will be equal to or slightly over the amount you order. Please note, every scoop will vary on the items that you receive. Although the scoops have a good variety, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a specific item. To be sure you receive a specific item, you may order through our website or message us for item availability.  


Small - 6oz/ .39lb

Medium - 9oz/ .56lb

Large - 17oz/ 1.09lb

XLarge - 26oz/ 1.63lb

XXLarge - 39oz/ 2.41lb


Confetti Items:

- Mini Spheres

- Towers

- Tumbles

- Worry Stones

- Word Stones

- Bracelets

- Pendants

- Shiva Lingams

- Aura Coated Quartz

- Arrow Heads

- Crystal Bottles

- Shell Bottles

- Fossil Bottles

- Stars, Moons & Hearts


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